Season 5: New Adventure. New Approach. New Opportunities

New Adventure

Protein Community is a global group of cultural creators who commune online and IRL to collaboratively build a better future. We’ve been tracking the people and ideas that permeate culture through our Supplement, Reports and Journals since 1997 — and more recently been using Web3 tools and our $PRTN token to bring together brilliant minds to collaboratively discover and incubate projects that align with our Good Growth values.

Season 5 signals the beginning of a new adventure for Protein Community. Starting today, we will be combining the collective intelligence of our incredible members with the extensive experience and knowledge of Protein Agency to collaboratively tackle the next Dirty Word report. The topic, fittingly, is Community and it won’t be like anything you’ve seen from us before.

Historically these reports have been created in-house, so for the first time, our members will have the opportunity to work alongside the Agency team as part of the process — earning, learning, and growing together —with all contributions being recognised and rewarded on-chain and in the final report.

New Approach

This season, we’re aiming to decentralise this creation and curation process whilst also challenging our existing methodologies in order to facilitate more mutual discoveries — all conducted “in the open” via our existing channels and platforms.

This new approach is an experiment into the unknown, but we will ensure that we do our best to facilitate the conditions to:

  • Generate new forms of collaboration, creation, and co-ownership

  • Forge new and galvanize existing relationships among our members

  • Provide the space for unexpected ideas to emerge

  • Create a sustainable revenue model

  • Redistribute part of the value generated by this initiative among its contributors

  • Scale our Discord into a living cultural research archive

  • All while maintaining our commitment to our five core values

Taking inspiration from Water & Music’s collaborative research processes, we will be creating a Protein Report Playbook that will be published alongside the report — including a Minimum Viable Report framework that will be used to create all future versions.

In full transparency, Protein Agency will be contributing $10k in USDC to fund this project as well as significant time from the senior team in order to ensure quality and consistency with our previous reports. Protein Agency also generates new client leads via the data captured from the free download page. Until we find an alternative revenue model, this report will be listed alongside the others.  We feel it’s important to address this fact upfront, so there is no ambiguity.

New Opportunities

We are looking for a kick-ass group of cultural sense-makers to help us build our next Dirty Word report. Do you have an insatiable urge to explore the past, present, and future of Community? Are you an incredibly talented researcher or strategist looking for a project you’re going to still be talking about in 5 years’ time? Perhaps you’re a designer or a copywriter with an interest in applying your skills in a new way? Or maybe you’re culturally curious and looking for a new community to explore and learn from?

Either way, as a Protein member you’ll be able to choose your own adventure by:


  • Submitting banging links for the Supplement - Protein's monthly newsletter

  • Writing and editing content for our channels

  • Interviewing key voices

  • Responding to editorial briefs in the form of bounties

  • Completing design, illustration, and photography briefs


  • Attending research workshops and deep dive sessions led by experts from Protein Agency

  • Participating in one of the research groups

  • Pitching research ideas

  • Helping to define and build the Protein Report Playbook


  • Expanding your network by working alongside an incredible array of talented members and Protein's Community and Agency core teams

  • Swapping hot takes in the Discord - Protein's chatroom meets newsroom

  • And last but not least... hanging out, talking nonsense, and posting memes

All contributors will be paid in a mixture of USDC and PRTN based on task as well as a share of the profit if the report gets sold, so what are you waiting for … JOIN NOW!

We’re also looking for a Social Media Manager and a Project Manager to join the core team.

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