Welcome to Season 3

Life emerged 3.5 billion years ago. We all (apparently) started as 10 amino acids that were able to fold proteins to adapt to conditions and feed and repair themselves in the high salt, high temperature, high-pressure environments around deep-sea vents.

Our first two seasons have given us an idea of what our building blocks are: a highly capable and creative community that cares about using web3 for good; a global network of experts whose combined force knows no bounds; a forward-looking set of investors who see the opportunity; and a token that powers our internal economy and gives ownership to our members.

It certainly feels like we’re in a highly salty, pressurised, and volatile phase of web3 right now - the perfect time for disparate ingredients to catalyse into life. The key feature in our evolution through bacterial mats, algae, plants, animals, humans, and AI - has been the ability to self-organise and our responsiveness to change. We’ve used our “intermission” to set up these new processes while working collectively to establish the objectives our members can focus on.

It’s time to mutate once more and begin building Good Growth.

Conditions for evolution

All living beings proliferate along various pathways, driven to grow, but acting within their own local parameters.  Building on the reflections from our first two seasons, we’ve defined the following three objectives to set the context for our own growth parameters for this season:

S3 Objectives
S3 Objectives
  1. Product Discovery
    Develop Good Growth into an effective and tangible solution enabling communities to positively impact their ecosystem.

  2. Community Energy
    Energise members and the wider web3 ecosystem to meaningfully contribute to the future of Good Growth.

  3. Treasury Health

    Build long-term security into the Protein Treasury and $PRTN token to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the Protein Community and Good Growth framework.

Good Growth Grows

Redefining growth was our invitation to the world. Since our first Community workshop in 2021, Good Growth has traveled through many iterations, forms, outputs, and conversations. Following the completion of Season 2, where we supported three incredible Member projects via our pilot Recelerator, we entered an Intermission period - A key moment for the team and contributors to gather for reflections, community feedback, workshops, and meaningful discussion, this only made clear our desire to double-down on Good Growth.

This doesn’t just mean redefining growth, it means making it real, tangible, and embedded in our behaviours and approach. It means making it open, scalable, and decentralized. What it looks like is ours to shape in the coming weeks and months… a Social Protocol what? Proof-of-good who? a GG NFT Certificate? a bigger, better good-growth-focussed Recelerator? Join us for Season 3 as we explore the potential and possibilities of good growth together.


Whether it's the temperature regulation of the human body, the swarming patterns of a social bee, or the membrane formation of liposomes, life follows self-regulatory mechanisms. Sets of simple rules and procedures that yield the wonderful multiplicity and diversity of life that makes it so rich, resilient, and regenerative.

An organism that maintains stability in the face of changing conditions achieves homeostasis; its essential functions are able to adapt and its life continues. As we navigate changing and uncertain conditions, it’s clear this evolutionary process affects us all. We’re the sensors, the organs of this organism that will survive and strengthen. To enable this process, we’re planning to tap into three main themes this season:

  • Team-level decision-making We’ve attracted a community of people who are proactive and constructive, intelligent and creative, playful and mature. Our members are easily capable of determining the course of the community and deciding what and how to work on it. We just need to provide them with the tools. So we’re introducing a streamlined proposal flow and emphasising the role of the Protein Forum.

  • Team budgeting
    We should all have control over the flow of resources through the community and as part of team-level decision-making, the ability to direct $PRTN as teams see fit. We’ve already submitted a simplified compensation proposal, and invite all of you to read and discuss it.

  • Documentation We also want different parts of the Protein Community to become more transparent, so we’re dialing up our documentation in a big way. Starting from Season 3, we’re encouraging all teams to start using a few simple templates on Notion, so that their decisions and work are more visible.

As Season 3 starts, existing and new contributors will form around five Core Teams:

  1. Teams will regroup around achieving our Community objectives through initiatives that they would like to work on

  2. Teams will propose initiatives for the season and $PRTN budget in our Forum - all members are invited to engage in and discuss Team Proposals

  3. Proposals will be voted on, teams will create their team wiki and start to build

The governance team will support teams throughout this process and is aiming to carry much of the burden that may come with producing more documentation.

S3 Core Teams
S3 Core Teams

Get involved in Season 3 👋

If you’re a Protein Member, head to the Protein Discord to claim the new team & contributor roles and reach out in Team channels.

If you’d like to become a Member, you can apply here.

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