An update on Good Growth...

It’s been about two weeks since our last update, and since then we’ve launched custom discord bots, kicked off an our first working groups, created a #tough-questions channel and shared pictures of ‘exotic’ snacks as we continue our journey to Season 1.

In our last workshop and article we identified 12 key values across ‘structure, approach and outcome’ which the community are using as a WIP guide for Good Growth.

Following this, we’ve been working through 3 more sessions which are designed to align the community around philosophical, emotional and actionable examples of good growth for Season 1.

Let’s take a look at where we are now…

Workshop #2 & #3 - Manifesting and facilitating Good Growth

In our workshops on Manifesting and Facilitating Good Growth we had between 12-15 people turn up to each session. Our focus was to confirm some tangible goals for season 1 and think about how specifically Web3 technologies could help us do this…

We asked:

Workshop #2

  • What's the first thing we can do on our path to good growth?
  • How can Web3 enable good growth?

(View the Miro)

Workshop #3

  • How can our Community and social token facilitate meaningful collaboration?
  • How can we structure meaningful conversation?

(View the Miro)

Following the workshop we grouped the thoughts from the Community into some priorities and focuses, ultimately we formed a plan which looked something like this:

At a macro level, there were recurring themes around accountability and accessibility, as well the overarching goal of creating a Good Growth Framework that ourselves and others can implement across any community/DAO.

This is a framework which would outline processes and approaches to tokens models, funding, governance and membership which are positive for people, the planet and ultimately ‘profitable’ for everyone.

Running alongside this exploration, our sessions on meaningful collaboration and conversation really brought to life different buckets for how we can implement Good Growth within the Community.

For People:

  • Cross DAO programming
  • Courses and Curriculum
  • Accessibility Initiatives

For ideas:

  • Community Projects
  • Grant Structures
  • Bounty based projects

Then in Workshop #4, Defining Season 1 we presented this back to the Community and asked 3 questions:

  • How close are we with this overview for Season 1?
  • What are we missing?
  • How will we achieve these goals?

From this workshop, the community raised key questions like;

  • Can you clarify the relationship between Protein Community and the wider Protein ecosystem? (agency, coworking space, OS)
  • How will members be given responsibility and become compensated contributors?
  • What's the roadmap and timeline for achieving our objectives in Season?
  • How will the token be used as a financial resource?
  • How will we raise and distribute funds to projects?
  • How are we going to reach other communities outside of our bubble with this proposal for season 1 onboarding?

The core team is now using these questions to interrogate and refine the proposal further.

While the above article is just a WIP teaser of where the Community is right now, we can’t wait to share the full proposal with you.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the last 3 workshops

@AnaRoman, @Arian, @Dindindeniz, @Domingo Bette Encore, @Faith_robinson, @Gustavo, @Marv | TMT, @Mel, @O’plerou, @Pri, @zhiganov.eth, @Ink, @Jaybrave, @NatalieCrue, @Shalpern, @Simonvc, @Yrikush @jamees

Gm, ga, gn,

💚 PRTN Team

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