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We’re Protein, a place where people and ideas grow 🌱

The term growth has become unavoidably toxic in our capitalist world - powered by the extraction and exploitation of people and communities in the name of money. There’s a clear need to shift the systems in power to enable a community-led, rather than corporation-led world. Web3 technologies have opened the doors to a more collaborative, decentralised, and equitable future. With these new tools, an opportunity emerges to reclaim power, redistribute influence, and redefine our relationship with growth - allowing you to own the decisions, actions, and value you create.

For Protein, this means rebuilding our community from the ground up, to create a place that encourages and nurtures this new definition of growth based on mutual collaboration, conversation, and the needs of our members. That’s why today, we’re launching the $PRTN token, a social token that allows holders to gain access, create value, and be in control - whilst also playing a vital and exciting part in the future of decentralised communities and DAOs.

Our 50 or so Founder Members will be the first holders of $PRTN and are already collectively exploring how we can reimagine the concept of growth through new, more mutual, models of conversation and collaboration. Our Pre-Season asks questions like..."As a community, how can we really help people and ideas grow?” and “What can good growth mean to decentralised communities?”

You can see a breakdown of our pre-season timeline below

Pre-Season Timeline
Pre-Season Timeline

If our mission for reimagining growth resonates with you, join our waitlist for the chance to be part of Season 1. We’ve always believed in creating by the community for the community, so can’t wait to rebuild ours with you 💫

Protein Community NFT

To mark today we’re launching our Genesis NFT, a 200 LTD edition piece created by 3D artist Teresa Fogolari. Our Genesis NFT celebrates the launch of the $PRTN token and the Protein Community, a place where people and ideas grow 🌱

Thank you all for celebrating the moment with us here!

PS. It’s free, so you only pay for gas!

About Protein

Protein is a place where people and ideas grow 🌱  We do this through our global community, agency, and studio space. We believe we’ve all got a responsibility to think and act bigger than ourselves and that "good growth" can only be achieved by balancing progress, profit, and purpose.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us! 🌱 ✨

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